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SC-6023 Medium E26 to GU24 Adapter
This permanent socket adapter converts a medium base socket into a GU24 base socket for twist and..
$1.85 $1.49
618-NMB PVC “Snap in” Connector 300pcs/bucket sold by Bucket
NM CONNECTOR 618-MNB PVC “Snap in” type Connectors NMD90 Single Cable AWG 14/2, 14/3, ..
ED-01 Medium E26 to GU10 Adapter
E26 Medium Base to GU10 Socket Adapter. Use this light bulb socket adapter to change your cu..
IS279 Medium E26 to E12 Adapter
UL-listed E26/E27 to E12 Adapter-E27/E26 to E12 Socket Reducer Adapter Converter E26 Medium Base ..
Light Bulb Base/Socket Adaptor / Reducer - Medium Screw (E26) to Candelabra Screw (E12)
Use this medium screw E26 to candelabra E12 socket reducer to ensure you can still use your candelab..
ELS155 E14 European Socket to E12 Candelabra Socket Adapter / Reducer
E14 European to E12 Candelabra Reducer / Adapter. Use this socket adapter to change your cur..
K547 Medium Base with Leads
This medium base socket has a porcelain body that is gray glazed with a ceramic arc shield, allowing..
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