100W HPS Ballast

100W HPS Ballast
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Symban SY-100-IGN-HPS 120V ANSI S54 Reactor High Pressure Sodium Ballast
This is the most common and simplest type of HID ballast available. The only purpose of this type..
Venture V90B1322-HPF(75141459NP2) - HPS 100W 120V - High Pressure Sodium Reactor Magnetic Ballast - ANSI S54 - HPF
 Venture V90B1322-HPF-S54-Reactor Specification Sheet The Venture V90B1322-HPF high..
Venture V90J1332-HPF(754314482) - 100W - High Pressure Sodium Ballast - 3-Tap 120/277/347V - ANSI S54
 Venture V90J1332 Specification Sheet The Venture V90B1332-HPF high pressure sodium..
Liteline BAL-100W-HPS - 100W - HPS Ballast - 1-Lamp -120V - ANSI S54
 BAL-100W-HPS Specification Sheet Description • 100W High Pressure Sodium ballast • Heavy ..
Ultrasave ED100-1MS - 1-Lamp - 100W -  Electronic High Pressure Sodium Ballast 120-277V - Programmed Cold Start - Side Lead Exit【 Discontinued】
 ED100-1MS Electronic Ballast Specification Sheet Ultrasave’s low wattage electronic ballast..
Ultrasave HD100-S54(KIT) - 1-Lamp - 100W -  Magnetic HPS Ballast 120V/277/V347V - Tri-Tap Cap-10uF Ign-HD1541**Discontinued and Not Available**
 HD100-S54 Electronic Ballast Specification Sheet Ultrasave offers a full line of magnetic H..
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